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since 1959

We capture the gentle flavors and natural colors of Lithuanian nature. Carefully pressed, brewed, or fermented beverages.

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A shape of an apple and a cherry through which an image of glass bottles of colorful juices and nectars are arranged in a line.
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We are transparent

At our core, transparency guides everything we do – from crafting our beverages without concentrates or extracts to our innovative approach in reimagining classic drinks for modern life. We squeeze the juice, brew the tea, ferment, and carbonate ourselves – no shortcuts, only craftsmanship. For over 60 years, we've preserved nature's flavors and aromas, presenting them boldly in transparent packaging.

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New and timeless flavors

Discover a refreshing array of modern beverages and reminisce about timeless classic juice flavors. Explore the shelves of major Lithuanian retail chains and supermarkets, or conveniently order our drinks for home delivery. Take a journey through the aisles and discover the perfect sip for every occasion.

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Natural juices – not from concentrate

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Sourced local and exotic fruits

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Crafted with care, made in Lithuania

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40+ traditional and innovative beverages

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Four collections of nature

Each of our four collections represents a unique facet of the natural world. With a focus on transparency and purity, our juices and beverages offer authentic flavors and colors derived from carefully selected ingredients. We honor tradition by hand-pressing juices ourselves, ensuring they remain free from artificial additives such as aromas, dyes, or preservatives. Each sip embodies our commitment to quality and preserving nature's gifts.

Archival photo from 1984

Archival photo from 1984


Fluid business solutions

We offer a wide range of natural juices and beverages, created with a focus on quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Through innovative, precise, and careful production, we aim to meet the needs of modern businesses. We efficiently tackle large scale production challenges and provide tailored solutions for those seeking or creating high-quality products.

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Archival vaisių sultys company factory photo circa 1979

Archival photo from 1979


We all deserve delicious quality products

We are committed to creating sustainable, innovative, people- and environmentally-friendly beverages. From ingredient selection to end-product delivery, we diligently oversee the entire chain of production. We adhere strictly to time-tested pressing methods and continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of our quality management system. We believe our responsibility, commitment, and professionalism bring joy to the world.

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Enduring Heritage, timeless formula

Based in Vilnius since 1959, we have a rich history of producing a diverse range of beverages. Throughout the years, we've adapted to various economic and political changes, fostering resilience and steadfastness in our operations. Despite evolving circumstances, our commitment to crafting simple, clear, and accessible drinks for everyone remains unchanged.

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Refreshing partnership

Embark on a journey of collaboration with us. Discover a refreshing array of natural beverages crafted with care and precision. Let's create and spread memorable experiences together, blending tradition with innovation to bring joy to every sip.

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